How to Fix QuickBooks Error 6144?

How to Fix QuickBooks Error 6144?

The multiple-user version of QuickBooks is common in medium and large-sized business organizations. While the small business organizations stick to a single-user version of the accounting software. In a multi-user version there are broadly two types of users as well as computers. The main user who has all the freedom to assign different roles and responsibilities to others is called as Administrator. The Administrator can also customize the freedom of access to different files and folders of the QuickBooks enterprise. Similarly, the majority of all the files are kept in a single device known as the server. Other users access the files and folders from this device and are referred to as the workstation. The occurrence of QuickBooks error code 6144 prevents the users from accessing and working on any files both from the server and from the workstation. The main reason behind the occurrence of the error code 6144 on QuickBooks point of sale is the user trying to access or open a corrupt file in the device. Read this blog to learn about the common causes, symptoms, and easy solutions for the error code 6144 on QuickBooks. Readers can also connect with the QuickBooks desktop service team to resolve the error code 6144 from the software.

Common Causes of QuickBooks error code 6144

  • The accounting software QuickBooks was not completely installed or partially installed in the device.
  • Changes done in the registry of Windows causing corruption in the accounting software.
  • Issues of connectivity in the server or the workstation causing failure in the access of files by the user.
  • Firewall interfering in the accessing of files from the server by the workstation causing hindrance in the normal working of the accounting software QuickBooks.

Common Symptoms of QuickBooks error code 6144

  • The screen will be displayed with the QuickBooks error code 6144 or 614482.
  • The program window of QuickBooks enterprise on which the user is working will get crashed. Other active programs may also get crash on the occurrence of QuickBooks error 6144.
  • Very slow response to inputs from both the mouse as well as the keyboard.
  • The device may freeze periodically, and the cursor might stop responding despite several clicks and movements of the mouse.

Easy Solution for the QuickBooks error code 6144

Step-1: Close all the running programs on both the workstation and server.

Step-2: Disable the antivirus feature temporarily on all computers. 

Step-3: Perform the following steps only on the server

Step-4: Click Start the services. 

Step-5: Change the type of Account.

Step-6: Now create a ‘New folder’ with the name ‘QB’.

Step-7: Create a copy of the concerned file.

Step-8: Paste the file in the new QB folder.

Step-9: Set both Inbound & Outbound laws.

Step-10: Restore the file on Server (main computer).

Step-11: Now, access file from the Workstation (other computers).

Perform the last step on all the computers and the previous steps only on the server or main computer. If the error does not get resolved, then connect with QuickBooks desktop service team for an easy and effective solution.

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