How to Fix QuickBooks error code 12152?

How to Fix QuickBooks error code 12152?

The software program QuickBooks popular for efficient accounting sometimes suffer from different error codes and problems. The QuickBooks error code 12152 relates to the errors of the internet connection. The error code stops the working professionals from getting the latest update of the application software. The error code 12152 thus causes issues in the working of QuickBooks point of sale. There are multiple ways of resolving the error code 12152 and users can also exploit the help of QuickBooks desktop service team. QuickBooks Enterprise software should be eliminated from the error code 12152 immediately to install the latest update of the accounting software. Read this blog to learn about the causes, symptoms, and effective solution of the error code 12152.

Causes of QuickBooks error code 12152

1. Using an old edition of the application software QuickBooks affecting is performance.

2. Errors in the process of installation of the accounting software program.

3. The confirmation of the license of the accounting software could have failed.

4. Errors in the working of the API keys.

Common Symptoms of Error Code 12152

1.    The screen is displayed with the error code 12152. 

2.    The active Windows program will be crashed on which the user was working.

3.    The application software may become sluggish taking too long in responding to inputs.

4.    The user’s screen will hang now and then regularly.

Effective Solution of Error Code 12152

Method-1: Rectify the date and time

Step-1: Look at the date and time displayed on the screen.

Step-2: Click on the date & time if only the values displayed are incorrect.

Step-3: The tab of Date & Time will open on the screen.

Step-4: Find and choose the ‘Change time zone’ icon from the tab.

Step-5: Reboot QuickBooks to eliminate the error code from the device.

Method-2: Check the Internet Settings

Step-1: Click over the icon of Start. 

Step-2: Select the Control Panel icon from the list.

Step-3: This will open the Control Panel Windows on the screen.

Step-4: Choose the tab of Internet options with a click.

Step-5: Find and choose the Advanced tab.

Step-6: Click to open the Advanced tab from the list.

Step-7: Find and select the option of Advance Reset.

Step-8: Ensure whether the issue is eliminated from the software.

Method-3: Try System Restore on the system

Step-1: Restart the device and log in as the Administrator.

Step-2: Click on the Start menu.

Step-3: Choose the ‘All Programs’ icon with a click.

Step-4: Select the option of ‘Accessories’ from the popup list.

Step-5: Select the ‘System Tools’ icon from the list.

Step-6: From the menu select System Restore option.

Step-7: Restore Windows will be displayed on the screen.

Step-8: Select the icon of ‘Restore My computer to an earlier time’.

Step-9: Follow the instructions displayed to complete the process. 

The accounting software QuickBooks enterprise will get resolved from the error code by following either of the above methods. However, if the error code does not get resolved then the user can connect with the team of QuickBooks desktop service team.

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