How to Setup QuickBooks Online with Easy Steps?

How to Setup QuickBooks Online with Easy Steps?

Learning to set up accounting software requires skills and a bit of expertise in the digital platform. Fortunately, the different processes are easy for anyone to gain command over. The QuickBooks Enterprise version can be learned by anyone even by those individuals who lack knowledge of accounts and finance. Learning the set up of the QuickBooks point of sale opens new career aspects for an individual. The demand for IT intellectuals having knowledge of accounting software is high. Among the various aspects to learn about the software the important ones are the setups of a company file in the software, using advanced settings of the accounting software, the setting of multiple users in the software, etc. A new user can also take the help of the QuickBooks desktop service team for learning about the different types of setups of the accounting software.

Setting up a Company File on the Accounting Software

Step-1: Open the accounting software QuickBooks. 

Step-2: Move to the section of ‘Menu’

Step-3: Now, go to the ‘File’ section of the software. 

Step-4: Select the option of ‘New Company’.

Step-5: From the pop-up menu select the option of ‘Express Start’.

Step-6: Now enter the necessary credentials like full name, industry type, etc. 

Step-7: Choose the option of ‘Continue’.

Step-8: Enter the general information such as the contact number & organization name. 

Step-9: Select the option of ‘Preview Your Company Settings’

Step-10: Find and choose the option of ‘Chart of Accounts’

Step-11: The next step is to add an Account in the software.

Step-12: Click mark the box on the side of ‘Account’.

Step-13: You can also deactivate an account by un-ticking the box next to it. 

Step-14: Now go to the section of ‘Company file Location’.  

Step-15: Click to change the location of the file.

Step-16: Browse a preferred location.

Step-17: Save the changes.

Setting up Multiple users in the Accounting Software 

Step-1: Double-click to open the application software QuickBooks.

Step-2: Select the icon of Gear.

Step-3: Go to the option of the ‘Company’.

Step-4: A list of options of open up on the screen.

Step-5: Find and Select the option of ‘Manage Users’

Step-6: Go to the tab of ‘Accountants’ from the list.

Step-7: Enter the email address of the user.

Step-8: Now go to the button of ‘Invite’. 

Step-9: Click on it to send an invitation to the user.

Step-10: Use multiple email addresses to send invitations to different users. 

Step-11: Ask the users to click on the link of invitation.

Step-12: This will land the users to sign up page.

Step-13: By using this link one can create user-id for the accounting software. 

By using the above steps users can easily create multi-users and company files in the accounting software QuickBooks Enterprise. On facing difficulties users can connect with the team of QuickBooks desktop service. It is essential to learn different features of the accounting software to make optimum use of it. The team of customer service provides effective guidance in utilizing the advanced settings of the accounting software QuickBooks. 

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